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TERA PUMP Chemical Resistant Fast Transfer 10 GPM Rotary-Action Drum Pump for 15 to 55 Gallon Drum Barrels


About this item

• Long Suction Tube: 3pc Segmented Suction tube extends up to 49.5-inch, 1.5-inch opening sure to fit into most Drum Barrels with built-in filter to keep unwanted debris from entering the pump – No Electricity Required: Utilizes siphon action to transfer liquids by a simple grip and pump
• Volume: Dual Directional Flow Rate of up to 10 Gallons per Minute – Includes Two pieces outlet spout threaded 3/4″ BSP at ends for easy fastening – Works great with farm equipment, Industrial Vehicles and in Automotive Shops
• Ideal Liquids: Ideal for dispensing water based solutions of acid, alkalis and salt, water and all petroleum products (Not Gas), most organic acids, solvents, waxes, planting solution, detergents and water-soluble inorganic chemicals – Useful in the garage, shop, yard, farm, dock, snow or campsite – Rotary-Action: Manual piston allows easy to use oil transfer without the need for electricity
• Compatibility: For use with 50 – 205-Liters Drum Barrels or 15 to 55 Gallon Drums, • 15 Gallon Drums: Remove the middle segmented tube, 30 to 55 Gallon Drums: 3pc suction tube must assembled for 55 Gallon Drums – Adjustable Height bung adaptor for use on drums with 2-inch openings – To initiate fluid transfer, start pumping the lever until fluids are flowing from the discharge spout
• Sturdy: Constructed of Glass-filled polypropylene pump with Ryton Vane and Viton seal and backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty

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